Our angel flying high…


Now that we’ve had the blog up and running for a while we decided that it is time for us to share the most personal part of us with you guys…This will also give you a better understanding of why we were able to make the big move from the UK to Dubai without much hesitation.

After 3 months of married life, in August 15th 2014, we were blessed with the most precious gift that is pregnancy. We found out I was pregnant early hours of the morning and for the months that followed we could not stop counting our blessings. We were sp excited. Family is the most precious thing to us and knowing that we were building our own little family unit was amazing – life at this point in time was more than just good, it was amazing.

We decided that after my 12 week scan, if we were given the ok from the doctor, we would fly out on a little holiday to Dubai – thinking this would be our last holiday as a couple before our next as a family. We were so excited to see our little baby so on the 15th October 2014 we were booked in for our last reassurance scan before booking our holiday. During the scan we were both beaming, we couldn’t believe our baby was kicking away, opening and closing his/her mouth and moving around – much like daddy (he can never sit still lol).

With everything looking perfect and baby growing well, we rushed to book the big trip to Dubai and flew out on the 2nd November 2014.

Flash forward to Dubai – we enjoyed our relaxing breakfasts in the hotel, did the usual touristy things like going to visit Burj Khalifa, watching the fountain show at Dubai Mall and we had plans to do so much more. Unfortunately God had other plans for us.

On the 9th November 2014 we woke up and went along to breakfast as usual, however our morning took a turn for the worst when my water suddenly broke at 10.10am. Hubby rushed me to the nearest hospital – now I need to add at this point we had done no research on medical care in Dubai so weren’t aware of what hospitals were good and which we should avoid – needless to say this was the day we found out.

We ended up going to two government hospitals (Dubai Hospital and Rashid Hospital) before being advised to go to Latifa Hospital as they deal specifically with women and children.

At Latifa Hospital we were given a scan and as I looked at the screen I couldn’t see our baby…It was an empty screen. My heart sank and panic set in. I was informed that baby was making his/her way down and that I would have to give birth real soon. What happened next was a blur – I was admitted to the hospital and was left feeling so numb – it was too much to understand and I couldn’t grasp what was happening. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to think and 45 minutes after being admitted my temperature and blood pressure were rising so the doctor urged me to push to avoid anything happening to me. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 4.05pm.

A few days later I was still in hospital under observation so hubby had the heartbreaking task of burying our son alone and in a foreign country. Whilst he was on his way to the cemetery holding our baby boy we spoke and decided to name our little angel Mikaeel – after one of the archangels (Michael in Biblical terms). Strangely enough this wasn’t the name we anticipated using if we had a boy but it just felt right for him.

Since November 9th 2014 we had our hearts in Dubai. Flying home on the 15th November was the most heart wrenching experience – a lot of tears were shed and words of encouragement were expressed to support each other but deep down we both knew we had to make some changes and return to Dubai as soon as possible.

Thankfully exactly a year later we came back to Dubai in search of work opportunities and hubby was so lucky to have offers of interviews in December. As I was facing potential redundancy and interviews for hubby were booked, we flew back out in December and decided this was it. This was going to be the start of our new life.

Any parents out there will understand when I say even when you’ve lost a child your heart yearns to be close to their final resting place, and for us to finally be here makes us feel so blessed and we can only continue to give thanks to God for making this happen for us.

We are blessed. We are great. We are happy. We will succeed.

If there is anyone who has been through miscarriage, stillbirth or lost their child please feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to share our techniques in coping with a loss.

A verse from the Qur’an displayed in Saudi German Hospital.

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