Life is what you make it!

Warning this is a thought provoking blog post!

A friend recently posted this up on her Facebook page and it really made me think about our expat life…

“When you travel and meet people who look differently, live differently and believe differently than you, you come to the realization that even if you don’t agree on everything, we are ALL human beings and racism and hatred will cease to exist.” (AF)

This simple statement holds such value. If everyone lived according to this I really do believe there would be less hate and discrimination in the world.

Born and bred in London you naturally assume that all Londoners are so open-minded due to how many cultures coexist (or attempt to). However, being one half of an interracial couple I can assure you London isn’t as multicultural as one would believe! Being an Asian and Jamaican couple got us more disapproving looks in the urban streets of London than ever. If I’m honest it was something that crossed our minds about moving to Dubai – we weren’t sure whether interracial marriages were looked down upon in different cultures!


Dubai is without a doubt a multicultural city, it is populated with so many different cultures that it’s difficult not to meet interracial couples! Over the last 10 months I have met people from all walks of life which has not only expanded my knowledge of the world but has also taught me patience, understanding and to be more caring. I feel like everyone we meet has a story behind them and all cultures are so enriching that we’d be fools not to explore the world further.

We know a lot of people who still can’t believe we left the UK and it makes me sad to think if only they explored the world they could learn so much more than what is in the UK. There would also be less stereotypes – the more people you meet the more you realise no one fits in any one category!

So our advice would be if you are able to travel – DO IT! You will learn so much and there are so many people around the world who will give you a different perspective on life.

For as long as we are living we should aim to keep evolving into better people.

Man that was some good cake!


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