Night of laughs – improv theatre!

Who knew there are hidden gems like this in Dubai?



We thought we’d share this amazingly quirky place with you guys as we had such a laugh we couldn’t keep it to ourselves!

So what is Courtyard Playhouse? In short it’s an improv theatre organisation who facilitate fun acting/training/confidence building workshops for individuals and companies, as well as theatre sports show where teams challenge each other to act out improv scenes and lastly recreating their improv version of popular productions, for example they have Willy Wonka showing for kids this week. To see a full list of shows click here.

The playhouse theme is traditional old school London theatre style – we all felt like we were in Central London for the night – I LOVED IT!

What we loved about the night was the whole concept of participation – there was a lot of crowd involvement (hubby and his friend got up to try improv lol!)…they also had someone from the crowd tell them minimal details about his wife and their first date – the actors had to re-enact the night through improvisation – WAS HILARIOUS!

We were asked not to take photos/videos during the show which we respected and we found that this helped us enjoy the night more as we weren’t worrying about lighting or camera angles lol!

Just to give you a little idea of the scenes that had us in stitches:

– Challenge was a scene in Italy – the actors (clearly not Italian) spoke gobbledygook Italian but their acting was ON POINT! They had the mannerisms of an Italian with the hand gestures lol! They would talk using raised voices, as if they were arguing, and then suddenly hug it out like true Italians!

– Challenge was  a scene with a baby by the river – the actors held an imaginary baby and somehow saw two random objects in the river (two other actors lol) and the objects changed from newborn babies to a football player who wanted to pretend to be a baby – RANDOM IMPROV!

To end the show we were informed that there is no actual cost for the improv show, however what they ask is that we pay according to what we think they deserve. I loved this idea as it made people really reflect on what they had seen and also the lady collecting the money didn’t make you feel awkward as she didn’t look at how much people were paying. This really made us feel like these actors truly do what they do for the love of acting and improv – makes you want to give more as they gotta pay the bills somehow right?!

Honestly guys if you like a bit of improv theatre and need a laugh, you need to go visit the Courtyard Playhouse – they have different things going on every week so to find out more check out their website The Courtyard Playhouse.


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