Weekend fun and games!

As we approach a new weekend we find ourselves reflecting back on the antics of the last weekend and thought we’d share it with you!

We haven’t mentioned this yet but we have a brother of ours that has just moved to Dubai and it has been so much fun having family over – as much as you have your amazing friends in Dubai – nothing beats the company of family!

So of course with it being his first week living in Dubai we decided to go all out and celebrate lol! Our weekend consisted of ALOT of food, ALOT of shisha and ALOT of laughs. We started the Friday meeting up to go for our Jumm’ah prayer (the special prayer Muslims attend every Friday).

Our local mosque is beautiful – it’s not extravagant like some of the other mosques we’ve attended in Dubai – but nonetheless it is still beautiful and looks somewhat traditional with the architecture.

Once we had finished prayer, we thought we’d get a few bits from our local supermarket Carrefour for my brother and then head out for some lunch. Now my brother is a big foodie and knows his stuff when it comes to restaurants so we took him to our fave place – Texas Roadhouse in Festival City – the food here is AMAZING!!!!! (We are going to do a full review on restaurants we go to soon – including brother’s review of this place!) They serve the most amazing brioche style home baked bread with this mouthwatering sweet butter! We went through three baskets of it so I think we may like it…a little…maybe LOL!

Just looking at this menu is making me drool!

We literally felt like we were in a food coma after this so we strolled around the Festival City mall for a while and then decided to head on to Jumeirah Beach for some drinks. My brother chose a place called La Postreria which faces the beach and was so relaxing! I’d like to point out that restaurants and cafes now open up their terraces for outdoor seating as during the summer months it is impossible to survive eating or drinking outside, so we enjoyed sitting outside, especially as we weren’t leaving a puddle of sweat behind!

Guys check out the artwork below – you can find these beauties at The Walk JBR – I’m obsessed!


We ended Friday here as we were all quite tired at this point – getting old is an understatement!! We planned our Saturday whilst catching up on good old Apprentice UK.


Saturday came and as my brother is staying in Business Bay, we decided to go walk along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard where there is an array of restaurants, palm trees adorned in lights and last but not least the beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa, standing tall and proud. We chose a restaurant called ‘La Maison Du Cafe’ whilst we kicked back and relaxed – oh and of course the men had to watch their football!!! P.s. I had the best Avocado and honey milkshake EVER!

Once the football was over it got us all in the competitive mood so we googled the nearest bowling alley and made our way to Al Quoz Bowling Centre. This centre is currently under renovation so they only have about 14 lanes open but regardless we had such a laugh! You can book lanes per game or per hour – each game is 20 mins and in an hour we managed to squeeze in 3 games so worked out the same either way. Our lucky ball was No 11 – we all seemed to get strikes from that haha! It was such a laugh and ended up being a work out as we were all aching the next day LOL! What was I saying about old age…

Can’t wait for our next bowling game!

By the time we finished bowling it was around 11pm and we hadn’t eaten…so what does one do after a tough game of bowling? Eat Burger King of course! We stopped off at Bay Avenue, grabbed some food, filled our bellies and went home sweet home!!!

As tiring as last weekend was – I cannot wait for the next weekend… Not too sure what the plan is just yet but look forward to sharing it all with you guys!


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