The Perfect Regal Afternoon Tea!

The view we had whilst indulging in the best Afternoon Tea we have ever had!

Now if that view wasn’t enough for you trust us when we say the next lot of photos will leave your mouth watering!

Before we tease you with the photos of the food, here is a little explanation behind the concept of Afternoon Tea – Afternoon Tea is a tea-related ritual, introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. It evolved as a mini meal to stem the hunger and anticipation of an evening meal at 8pm….Afternoon Tea was initially developed as a private social event for ladies who climbed the echelons of society. – (; 2016)

So clearly Afternoon Tea is linked to higher ranks in society and should be a regal experience – one you will DEFINITELY get at the Al Qasr Hotel Jumeirah. This Afternoon Tea not only made us feel royal but was such an experience as we had an added bonus at the end – read on to find out more!

I’d like to point out we used our Entertainer App for the Afternoon Tea as it was 225 per person and the app allowed us to get two for one – click here for more information.

We had a lovely walk around the lounge terrace and soaked in the absolutely stunning views of the Burj Al Arab, the little Abra boats riding along the canal and the beautiful palm trees swaying along to the gentle breeze. I won’t lie we were in awe of the area that is took us a little while to sit at our table but had I known what was waiting for us I would have sat down sooner lol! Here we go…


We started off with our choice of tea – I chose English Breakfast Tea.

They served the tea with these cute sugar crystal sticks which we used instead of the traditional white/brown sugar sachets.

It was fun to watch the crystals melt slowly into our hot cups of tea.


The next course was a mixture of sandwiches, rolls, macaroons, cupcakes and Arabic sweets.

There were a number of fillings including egg, cucumber and cheese, turkey, salmon and tomato and cheese. All were amazing!


We were then served warm freshly made scones, plain and with raisins.

Scones were served with whipped fresh cream, rose jam, strawberry jam, mango jam, butter shortbread biscuit and mini chocolate balls.

These scones were divine – they literally melted in your mouth and we felt spoilt for choice when choosing what jam to put on the scones!


Yes there’s more… and this wasn’t the last course so keep going my friends keep going!

This course included a mango souffle, shortbread biscuit, raspberry sorbet and raspberry jam.

I think this was the only one we weren’t overly keen on and if I’m honest we were trying to make space for it when the next course came and decided not to eat it all – when you see it you will see why we sacrificed eating the whole souffle lol!



Ahhhh this was one of our favourite parts. The chocolate was milky, smooth and yum. We had so many things to dip into the chocolate – including jellied sweets, fresh fruit, fudge pieces and marshmallow bites!

At this point we were beginning to wonder how much more could possible come but luckily there was only one last part to this extravagant experience!


So to finish we had coconut tapioca drink served with a small bar of milk chocolate.

This was such a refreshing end to the whole Afternoon Tea and after all that sweetness we couldn’t take any more chocolate – made a nice midnight snack later that day! lol!

All in all I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed this Afternoon Tea experience and I really believe Al Qasr Hotel have encapsulated the true royal feeling behind the concept of Afternoon Tea.

Now if all of that wasn’t enough (like you needed anything more after all that food!) we were kindly informed that as we had made a booking within the hotel grounds, we were entitled to free rides on the Abra boats!!!!!!!!!! How amazing is that? We found that this was the perfect ending to an amazing afternoon. We caught the aAbra just as the sun was setting and it was just PERFECT!

We’ll end this blog with a video of our Abra ride, but if you have any questions or want any advice on how to book etc just get in contact here.

Have a great week everyone!



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