A true desert experience!

Welcome to the desert…
Golden Sands



-A waterless, desolate area of land with little or no vegetation, typically one covered with sand.

Source – Oxford Dictionaries online.

Hmm – I have to say the Oxford Dictionary really does make a desert sound boring! Let me tell you our trip to the desert was far from boring….

We were invited to a traditional desert BBQ by a lovely family we met a few months back. The family are made up of local Emirati and UK backgrounds, which made it a fun trip but also more authentic having Emirati influences.

Our lovely hosts prepared all the food and arranged the cars for us so all we had to do is turn up and enjoy the experience. 

We set off just before sunset hoping to catch the beautiful transition from day to night – and although we did make it to the desert in time, unfortunately we got stuck in sand which meant we watched the sun set from the sidelines of the car lol! Nonetheless we were told by our friends that being stuck in the desert is normal and part of the whole experience! The poor men had a hard time getting the cars to move off again but eventually we were back on to the crazy bumpy sand dunes to our BBQ spot.

I have to say we loved the thrill of having an experienced driver tossing us from one side to the other of the car lol (we’re both thrill seekers!) the sand dunes are so unpredictable which meant we drove in all different directions as if we were on a ride in a theme park! – A word of warning if you have a sensitive stomach or get travel sick easily,  a desert safari isn’t an experience for you!

This was the most I could record as it started to get really shaky and I couldn’t keep hold of my phone!

At around 7pm we arrived in a deserted part of the desert (lol!), which really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere! There were very few car trails which meant there were rows and rows of beautiful sand lines and sand dunes that you could see out into the distance. We loved it! It’s safe to say we spent the first half an hour just walking barefoot around the dunes and taking snaps of everything!

Beautiful rows of sand.

Our traditional desert BBQ consisted of marinated chicken, lamb chops, potatoes and arabic bread – all grilled on a home made BBQ stand, served with hummus, garlic sauce, cucumber and onion in plain yoghurt – tasted AMAZING! It was a fun night and we have to say it was the most pleasant evening since the Summer has ended. There was this lovely breeze keeping us cool – oh and of course we had the luxury of ice cold drinks that we had packed in cooler boxes!

Desert BBQ in full swing!

We stayed at the desert for a good few hours, just soaking in the silence of the desert night and really appreciating the life we live now – a year ago we were both in jobs that didn’t make us happy and barely had time to do anything relaxing or romantic for cheap, but look at us now a year later sitting in the desert with nothing but good company and good vibes – without spending a penny. Life is being good to us!

We ended the night in the way Emirati’s end most hosted evenings – with a nice hot cup of Karak Chai/tea! The best part about this was the fact it was made in a traditional pot inside the BBQ grill, directly on the hot coals – we love little touches like this!

Traditional Karak Chai/Tea.

Unfortunately it was quite dark when we finally got to the desert so we struggled to get the best footage, but we’ve been reassured by our friends that now it is camping season so we will be going to the desert more often.

To say we had an amazing time is an understatement. We are so thankful to our friends who made this night a great one. Heres to many more desert trips!



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    […] Now this is not about those touristy desert BBQs that are advertised everywhere – I mean a traditional Emirati BBQ with an Emirati family. This has to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. It’s not hard to make friends with Emirati people – they are some of the most welcoming and heartwarming people and really easy to talk to! They are always extending dinner and BBQ invites so make sure to accept! Read more about our Emirati BBQ experience here. […]


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